Thursday, June 5, 2014

Project #15

Using Google to search for different search engines (I felt like I was betraying Google), I found a list of what had to be over 1,000 different search engines broken down into different categories based on what they were used for.You can find this website here. Here are the eight search engines I chose.

Online searching

1. IceRocket= This website is used for searching for different types of blogs. When I went to the homepage, there was a section labeled "Top Searches". One of the suggestions it listed was "Apple". I typed that in and got over 2 million blogs in return. I then decided to type in something more general: cats. This returned zero results. This shocked me considering that cats are very popular are the internet these days. This led me to the conclusion that this website would be good for finding good source articles, but would not be good for finding articles on silly things such as cats.

2. Craig's List= Craig's List is a popular website that everyone knows can either be filled with either shady or helpful ads. Some use this website to find different things for sale in their area (almost like a giant garage sale). However, the most useful part of Craig's List (to me, anyways) is the job search function. Although I still suggest you research the different jobs offered, I believe that Craig's List provides many different job opportunities

3. MapQuest= Yet another popular search engine, MapQuest is used to find direction to and from almost anywhere in the world. I have always found that MapQuest is one of the more reliable direction search engines around.

4. Dogpile= Dogpile is defined as a meta-search engine. This means that it pulls it's results from several other different search engines. I never knew this kind of thing existed until I found this website. Once again, I typed in "cats" and got a bunch of results. My favorite part about the results page is the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page. It gives you options to narrow down you search to help you find what you're looking for easier.

5. Blinkx= Blinkx is a multi-media search engine. It's comparable to Youtube, but it pulls results from multiple different multi-media websites. I typed in "how to use an apostrophe" and it returned a good amount of videos for me to watch. There were also other videos mixed in that had nothing to do with my search, but I still think this website would be very resourceful for teachers.

6. eHow= eHow is an extremely helpful search engine. You type in a question asking how to do something and the website gives you thousands of articles and videos with step by step instructions on how to do what you asked. This could be handy for almost any day-to-day activities in the classroom.

7. Topix= Topix is a news search engine that helps you find different news stories from around the world. The website has different topics separated into categories for easy navigation. This would be a very handy website to have in a history or current events class.

8. Wolfram Alpha= Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that computes different mathematical equations. I have never heard of this website until now, but I really wish I would have known about it when I was still taking math classes. This website would be INCREDIBLY helpful in a math classroom.

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