Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blog Post 7

The 21st century has created classrooms that have began to embrace the benefits that come from incorporating technology. One major thing we have learned in this class is that you can incorporate technology into any classroom. There are unlimited amounts of technological resources available for teachers to incorporate into their classrooms. We have been introduced to quite a bit of these, but there are more that can be used.

One resource I have already found very useful is Pinterest. Although this website seems more focused towards women, I have found that it can be useful for anyone, especially teahcers! I have a guy friend
Boy on a laptop
who goes to Auburn University in Montgomery and is studying to become a high school history teacher. He took an education class similar to this one, and his teacher required every one of her students to sign up for a Pinterest account and be active on it through the semester (I would highly suggest future EDM310 classes be required to do the same thing). Of course, he was very reluctant to sign up for the website at first, but he grew to really appreciate it. He informed me just the other day that he loves the website because he has been able to find many different things to incorporate into his future classroom. I have also found many different crafts and activities I plan on incorporating into my future English class on this website. Pinterest is a must have resource if you plan on becoming a teacher of any kind.

Another website that I have recently found is Schoology. This website proveds teachers with the ultimate multitasking source. You can practically have a fully functioning class within the digital walls of this classroom. The best description of this website can be found in this video:

WebQuests are also very good ways to integrate technology into my classroom, especially as an English class! WebQuests are where teachers give students a topic to research and then complete an activity based off of that reasearch. This would be a great tool in my future English classroom because I can assign students a topic related to what we are reading in class, and then have them write about what they found. That's just one example out of many on how I can use WebQuests in my future classroom.

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  1. Marisa :)
    I agree that Pinterest is useful for anyone who is becoming a teacher! Not only are there tons of ideas for decorating the classroom, there are also so many ideas and tips for how to create lesson plans and how to teach certain lessons to make them more fun and entertaining. I love Pinterest!