Thursday, June 5, 2014

C4Tp #1 Blog

Silvia Tolisano is a teacher at Graded American School of Sao Paulo in Brazil. In her blog, Back to The Future Project: Life Cycle Snapshots in Target Language, she talks about how she used Facebook to help her students practice their target language. She had them choose a character and make fake Facebook accounts for each point of their lives (birth, school, adulthood, etc.). Ms. Tolisano included her guidelines for the project to help readers better understand specifically what she was asking of her students. She then added some screenshots of example pages some of her students created.

In my comment to Ms. Tolisano's blog post, I told her how creative it was for her to use Facebook as a tool to help her students understand a specific language better. I also told her how I believe all teachers should use technology in this fashion since it is such a prominent part of today's society.

On the second post I commented on of Ms. Tolisano, I was enlightened on how blogging should be used in the classroom. She said instead of using it as a project, teachers should use it more as part of their pedagogy. She gave a definition of "pedagogy" that said, "The strategies, techniques, and approaches that teachers can use to facilitate learning." She broke down what it looked like when blogging is used as a pedagogical tool. My comment back to her said that I really enjoyed her post and that it helped me further solidify my decision of using blogging in the classroom.

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