Sunday, June 22, 2014

C4Ta post #2

Dorothy, a teacher in New Zealand, posted a blog about a foundation known as Spark. This foundation provides different forms of technology to students in underprivilaged countrues to allow them equal opportunity to gain a good education. a quote from the video in her blog said that Spark is, "...putting technology in the hands of the students today to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow." As I said in my comment to Dorothy's blog, it melts my heart tonsee underprivilaged students being molded into people who will be able to provide for themselves when they are older. I definitely want to learn more about Spark and see if there is anyway I can help with the cause. Dorothy's post can be found here.

On her second blog I read, Longevity of The Essay, Dorothy talks about a man, Professor Welby Ing, who talks about how the old-fashioned essay is losing it's power and importance. You can find his video here. Dorothy talks about how there are so many technological resources out there that signifacantly helps the essay wrting proccess, but many universities are having problems getting on board with the use of such resources. In my comment, I agreed that universites are struggling, but that they will eventually catch on.

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  1. Good.

    "underprivilaged countrues"--underprivileged countries
    "education. a quote"--capitalize the "A"
    " heart tonsee underprivilaged"--to see, underprivileged
    "losing it's power"--its
    "signifacantly helps the essay wrting"--significantly, writing

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