Friday, June 6, 2014

Blog #5

Before this class, I had never heard the term "PLN" or "Personal Learning Networks". After going through the sources Dr. Strange provided us to learn more about them, I have decided that I need to start now on establishing my own network of PLN's. Let me explain what PLN's are. I think the best definition of PLN that I found is the one Dr. Strange gave us. It says, "Your PLN is the set of people and tools that you can call upon for help, consultation, collaboration, or other assistance."

PLN's can be extremely helpful for teachers because it provides multiple sources for teachers to continue to be lifelong learners. PLN's are formed through several ways. One way is by following other educators who speak of the same stuff you are interested in. Another way is by following blogs and/or articles that have the same material you are interested in. Another way that I find most important is by creating some place to store all of the sources you use for your PLN. In Vicki Davis' blog Personal Learning Networks Are Virtual Lockers for Schoolkids, she tells about how one of her students uses iGoogle to store all of the blog posts and articles she subscribes to. It updates her every time something new is posted. This would definitely be a very helpful PLN for teachers.

PLN resources
To create my own PLN, I need to start by figuring out what I am interested in knowing more about and create a list of questions that I could use to find people who ask and talk about the same questions. Once I find people or resources that does this very thing, I should follow them in anyway I can so I can keep up with what they are doing and saying. My first addition to my PLN would definitely be Dr. Strange. I also believe I would like to add Ms. Vicki Davis because she has very intriguing teaching methods when it comes to the use of technology in the classroom.

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