Sunday, June 22, 2014

C4Tp Post #2

In Silvia Tolisano's blog, And You Thought it Could Not Be Done: Blogging in Math, we learned that blogging can indeed be done in any classroom… including math! Ms. Tolisano talked about a teacher who had done just this to help her students become more engaged and interested in the class material. She said the teacher used the technique of blogging for students to present their work rather than just write about it. Students were also able to communicate with each other and share helpful information with each other outside of school. Students created presentations and reviewed each others presentations. The facts that students actually have to write out what they're doing helps them become more interactive with each other and verbalize their material more. This helps give them a better understanding of the material they are working on.

In my comment back to Ms. Tolisano, I told her that I was in awe that a math teacher was able to incorporate blogging into their classroom. The fact that a math teacher was able to do this motivates me more to incorporate blogging into my future classroom.

Math books

In another blog of hers, Blogging as a Curation Platform, she talked about the different sources available to help people curate their articles and other sources that provide information (twitter, RSS, etc.). She then focused her blog on curation through blogging. She said the thing that makes blogging different from other curation tools is that blogging allows you more freedom on acquiring, organizing, and storing information. She then presented a list of her workflow when blogging. My comment on this blog was about how I really appreciated this list because she helped me realize that I am on my way to becoming an effective curator with my blog. With a bit of improvement, I will have a blog as organized as hers!


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