Thursday, July 3, 2014

C4Tp #3

Silvia Tolisano's blog, Copyright Flowchart: Can I Use It? Yes? No? If This… Then…, she talks about copyright infringement with media found on the internet. She talks about how we can't just simply Google whatever we want and expect it to be okay to use any picture that pops up. She says there are certain details that need to be checked before we go and use any media we want. She explains in great detail just exactly what this process should look like through the form of a flowchart:

Copyright flowchart

In my comment on Ms. Tolisano's blog, I applauded her for being innovative enough to create such a clear way of explaining how to avoid copyright infringement when using digital media. Her flowchart made it clearer for me to understand the does and don'ts of using media from the internet.

In the second blog I read in this set, Documenting FOR Learning, Ms. Tolisano talked about pedagogical documenting. This is practically where documenting is used in the classroom to help keep track of things. This helps students take ownership of their work and teachers understand students in a different way. When teachers see how students document their own work, they are able to see how each student's minds functions. In my comment back to her post, I told her that I had always wanted to take up a form of documenting (which I specified as journaling), but that I never have time to do so. Her explanation of documenting reminded me of how Mrs. Cassidy said that teaching is becoming more collaborative. What better way to collaborate than through documenting? Her blog helped me realize that I will need to make time for documenting in my own classroom if I am able to help my students and other teachers learn from my methods.

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