Thursday, May 29, 2014

Practice Blog Post

My name is Marisa Farnell. I have lived in Mobile, AL all of my life. My major is Secondary Education with a concentration in English. I attend the University of South Alabama. My dad is an alumni from South so that contributes a lot to how I became a student here myself. I have a younger brother, Christopher, who just graduated from high school last week. I decided to go into the field of education because I find that it is important to influence our future generations in ways that will help them become successful. I believe it is our jobs as educators to be positive influences on students. Many students in today’s society do not have good home lives and struggle with many hard things. I believe teachers should provide an environment that allows some relief from whatever hardships they are going through.
This is the logo for my church. I enjoy spending time volunteering and serving others with them. I am a small group leader for the 10th grade girls in the youth and I love every minute of it. It is these girls that helped me decide my true passion was in teaching. Beyond my church, I enjoy spending time out and about with my friends. I find I am the more straight-forward one in our circle. I am not afraid to tell someone when I think they should do things a different way. However, I only say that if I truly believe that my opinion is for their good. I don’t say things to tear people down. I have discovered that I have a little less patience than I would like. I strive to make that better every day. I enjoy trying out new things and meeting new people. I guess that’s all there is about me!

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